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Step by Step of how we wax the floors

Over the years we have been learning how to do all kinds of flooring. CVT was one of the toughest to clean. There is a lot of prep work involved. If you do not do each step properly it will not look good at the end period. 

Step by step:

We start by stripping all the wax off the floor  with a slow speed buffer and a scrub pad. You have got to make sure you get all the old wax off the floor. We use a professional extractor for this step.  The next thing we do is use a neutral rinse to deactivate the strip. If you skip this step the  fresh wax will not adhere to the floor at all. Now you have all the wax up and deactivated the strip. Now we have to let the floors completely dry. A lot of other companies use a mop to apply the wax. We use a micro fiber pad. It does not leave swirl marks in the wax and we can get the corners. One other reason we use the pad is it does not sling the wax on walls.

Different waxes:

I want to mention the wax itself for a minute. Not all wax is the same and may not be compatible with each other. The solid percent on the gallon of wax will indicate how many coats you will need to apply. You want that solid percent number to add up to 100% That usually means 4-5 coats of wax. Not all wax companies use the same compound. You really need to look and see if it says its compatible with what you have on the floors already. If you are not sure, I would use a little in a corner and see if it adheres to the floor without it drying blotchy.


This section depends on what the floors look like when we walk into your facility. We may use a slow speed buffer with a neutral cleaner to clean the floors. Then we would extract the floor and let them dry. You may need to put a coat of wax down after the step. It depends on what the floors look like when they dry.

If the floors look decent and just want to put a high shine back on them. We would use a  high speed buffer and a pad that removes the black streaks on the floor. To keep a high gloss shine, I like to use a dry buff paste that is all green sealed certified.

Below are some pictures of what we can do to your CVT floors.

Below are a few before and after pictures of some wax jobs we have done.

We can clean Hardwood floors as well. These pictures were taken from a flood job. Floors looked new again.

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