Over the years of doing this. We have branched out to other kinds of cleaning. We clean: Tile and Grout, Hardwoods, Air Ducts, Dryer Vents, Strip and Wax, Carpet and Upholstery. I am going to start adding all of our videos to this page.

This page explains in detail everything we do to get your carpets looking as new as possible.

All of our chemicals are green seal certified. They are soap free so no sticky residue is left behind

We use all organic deodorizers. We have live enzyme treatments to destroy odors not just mask them for a few days.

We have ways of treating the pad if we need to. Dry time is just a couple of hours. The pad is a sponge and our method does not allow the pad to get wet. A wet pad can cause mold and mildew. If you ever wondered why it takes such a long time for your carpets to dry when you get them steam cleaned. Steam cleaning gets the pad extremely wet and it takes a few days to dry completley. Have you ever noticed an odor like a musty smell after you have had it steam cleaned. The odors come from the pad that was wet fro a long time.

We have been doing this on our own for 7 years now. The results are truly amazing.

I created a few videos to show you the before and after in real time. I think that is the best way to truly understand our method.

This video is a restaurant that we do monthly. I wanted to show you how our method and chemicals just cut through this grime. The method and chemicals we use are amazing. You will see it first hand in this video.

This video was made in one of the older carpets in this perticular Hotel. I wanted to show you that the color is much brighter after wards and the dirt just came right out.

Our chemicals are soap free and odor free. No sticky residue is left behind and actually no residue is left behind, All green sealed certified chemicals used, 

All I did in this video was pre-spray it, I did not even vacuum it, normally we do, I just wanted to show you how powerful yet gentle this method of cleaning is. We do not use any harsh chemicals.

This was in a kids room that had some candy stuck to the carpets. We have a spray that would remove the candy from the carpet. I wanted to show you that are chemicals will also do the trick without charging for additional chemical use, That is what a lot of other carpet cleaners do. They charge for every little thing. We will never do that.

This is a walk through of are machine set up. I explain in detail how it all works. You do not have to extract because we do not use that much chemical. Your carpets will be dry in 2-3 hours max from the time we leave. The pad stays dry and that is key for a rapid dry time

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