We just bought the most amazing Tile and Grout cleaner known to man. We did a lot of research before making this purchase. I made a video of a gym floor that we clean monthly. It has over 15k members on a monthly basis. Lots of traffic and lots of dirt. Check out this video that we made a couple of weeks ago with our new machine.

This machine works by using 1200 PSI to blast through the dirt and grime that is stuck to your floors. This machine also sucks of the dirty water all in one step. The Water alone will not clean these floors. We pre-spray them with a new product that we found. It does not have any odors to it at all. It cleans with a higher PH level without harming the tiles. We let the chemical sit for 5 minutes. Then we put this Tile and Grout machine on it. Check out this video below to see the entire process. It takes a few hours to dry but safe to walk on.


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