These pictures were all taken from actual clients properties. We have been doing this for 7 years our own as of 1-15-16 We have a total of 22 years of prior experience. We love what we do and actually care about the out come of the cleaning. When you get a huge company that pays a person by the hour. Most of the time they do not care about what they do. They want a check and go home. We will spend as much time as needed to get the carpets looking the best that they can. We can save you so much money as well. We work from home, don't have 10 crews running around and maintenance on machines and vehicles. We keep the costs down and pass it on to you. Look at these pictures and our video page. Our method really works!

We took a lot of pictures of some of the more challenging stains and situations that we have come across over the years.Not all stains will come out of the carpet. We took these pictures to show you that we are able to clean lots of different types of stains.Some of the challenges include: Blood, flood, apartments, Hotels, section 8, pet stains and etc.

This was our first flood job!  50 gallons of water covered this floor. We had to extract, dry  and apply a finish on them. Owners were luck that the boards did not buckle.

We do stairs by hand! We have tried various machines and nothing could compete with a little elbow grease. 

Section 8 Apartments

Residential Properties This was our first cleanup of some blood. We have this chemical that removes these kinds of stains in the carpet. We have used this chemical since.

These pictures below are various stains that we have come across over the years. We were able to make the carpets look almost new again.

Rental Properties, We all know that accidents happen. The owners of this house thought that they were going to have to replace this carpet. We were able to save it.

Tile & Grout  Pictures were taken from heavy traffic areas in Hotels

our first house we cleaned.


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