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We have been cleaning DRYER Vents, This can be a huge fire risk if you do not get this done every couple of years

The pictures I am about to show you have been cleaned just 2 years ago.

This was our latest Air Duct Cleaning job. These vents had a lot of different things going on. One of the vents had Mold in it. We use the bacteria treatment called Micorban on it. It kills the mold on contact.

The biggest question we receive is:

How do we know that our vents need to be cleaned? One way  to see if you need your vents cleaned or not is to remove one of the vents in your home. I always tell people to take the vent by the front door off. Take your cell phone, use the camera with the flash and see if you can see any debris in your vents. If you see some build up, you will probably want to get your vents cleaned.

AIR DUCT CLEANING now available!!!!

We bought the Top-Of-The-Line Air Duct cleaning system.

These are just some of the benefits:

  • This will save you so much money in ac/heat costs.

  • Greatly improve the air quality in your home.
         Do you have allergies? 
  •  Well this will certainly help out a       great deal with that as well.

        Do you have of dust build up?

  • Getting your air ducts cleaned will help greatly with that.

  • Remove pet dander

  • Remove pet fur in vents

  • We have found a mice nest in vents

  • Outdoor elements inside the vents

  • We have found Mold and Mildew and yes we can remove that as well

How we Clean your Air Duct Vents?
We close every vent throughout your home to ensure maximum dust removal.Then we remove one vent starting at the furthest point and run our line through the vent. The hose has a brush that spins and is attached to a high powered vacuum. It clears the duct vents from just about anything that might be hiding in your vents.

Type of Machine we use:
We use the Rotobrush machine (which is amazing)
We have several different size brushes depending on your ducts (brushes are safe for flex tubing Ducts)
We run our hose throughout each vent as It will provide a much healthier environment. It also will keep your AC/Heating Unit in top running order. Will help the unit last a lot longer, very expensive repair/replace.
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