About Us

Here’s a short description of how we started our business :


    Melanie had been in the business for about fourteen years with another company and they eventually went their separate ways. Being in the carpet cleaning business for so long, she learned every aspect of it from top to bottom.


    I had my own business for about six years operating a video game store selling all types of games and systems. In fact, it was while I owned the store that Melanie and I met. As we all know, the economy took a turn in the wrong direction and I eventually had to give up the store.


    Melanie took a job as a waitress and I was at home selling off the remainder of my inventory on EBay. Realizing that these efforts weren’t going to keep us going on a long term basis, we knew we had to do something different and it was Melanie came up with the idea of her and I starting up our own carpet cleaning business.


    As I said, she knows the business from A to Z and she showed me all the techniques I would need to know to be able to become an expert at cleaning carpets. For a couple of months, we cleaned our friends and relatives carpets for free until she was sure I was proficient enough to start actually charging for the service. It was then that we launched our business together and we haven’t looked back since.


    We have learned a lot together since about the business. We are sure to keep our prices competitive but first and foremost, our goal is to satisfy the customer. The price we quote at the start of the job is the price you pay. We don’t have any hidden charges and we go beyond what other companies do in order to get your business again and again.


    We’ve gone from a slow start up business to today where we are considering expansion and perhaps even offering franchise opportunities. No matter what, our low overhead costs will continue so we can always offer you the best service around at the lowest price we can provide.


                   James and Melanie

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